WIZYLIST is accessible anywhere online and allows you to follow your activity anytime

You Easily Feel at Home

WIZYLIST adapts itself to your organization. It easily makes you feel at home.

Versatile website

Use WIZYLIST on your computer, tablet, smartphone and with any Internet browsers.

Simplified workflow management.

Files, inquiries and documents, can be processed by people having different functions and prerogatives. WIZYLIST is a smart check-list. It enables you to monitor, trace and display acomplished tasks.


An online table, a columned table and a few input forms: explore WIZYLIST in no time.

Your organization

For each type of file processed, you decide who will have access and authority in just a few clicks.

A clear view

One view per status (Kanban) allows you to evaluate the progress of your projects. Filters will allow you to select priority inquiries.

Here's an example

Groupe Financière Duval is a company specialising in real estate development, from promotion to utilization.
The group implemented Wizylist to manage disorders occuring during the completion inspection of the property program guarantees.

The manager reports a disorder: "the entrance door is busted"

The prime contractor appoints a company to fix the malfunctioning item.

The company organizes its intervention and after which it declares the job done.

The project manager after noting that the problem has been resolved closes it.

Each and every one can only see the projects he has been assigned to according to his mission and his role with a well-defined scope. Everyone sees the history and the evolution of the situation, and is informed by email.

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